1. Analysis of the quality of teaching the subject of Physiology and Pharmacology at the Faculties of Medicine in Poland (on the basis of LEP tests).

2. The fates of doctoral (PhD) studies graduates in Poland in 2005-2010.

3. Study concerning the reality of quality in learning (on the basis of the h-index and the quantity of quotations) with special regard to physiological and pharmacological studies.

4. Cooperation with the Superior Council of Doctors (Naczelna Rada Lekarska) and the Committee of therapy and medication development of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN) regarding homeopathy and dishonest advertising of “counterfeit medications”.

5. Involvement in the evaluation process of scientific grants of the National Centre of Sciences and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

6. Preparation of the list of lectures, that can be potentilly delivered at meetings of Committees other than PAN, institutes or universities by the members of the Committee of Physiology and Pharmacology Sciences

7. Organisation of the contest for the award „Golden Neuron" every 2 years.

8. Commenting upon motions of scientific awards of the Scientific Secretary of PAN and the Prime Minister.